Technological innovation in pipe straightening: New machine takes industrial production to the next level

25 Jul, 23 | Pipes processing lines

Pipe straightening is an important process in industrial production that ensures the correct geometry and quality of the resulting pipes. Prestar decided to develop its own straightening machines and after several years of development came up with a prototype of an automated ten-cylinder tube straightening machine. The path to achieving this prototype was not easy. The company’s technical team had to create detailed drawings and procedures to calculate stresses at key structural nodes in the machine. The resulting straightening machine was designed to be able to straighten pipes with an outer diameter of 10 mm to 60 mm, a pipe wall thickness of 2-6 mm and an input curvature of up to 20 mm/m pipe length.

The design of the straightening machine was supported by expert calculations from the partner VŠB – Technical University Ostrava. A strength, stiffness and resistance analysis was performed to ensure the reliability of the machine and achieve the desired results. The straightening machine is capable of working in 3 bends, 2 bends or 1 bend depending on the production needs and the type of pipe to be straightened. During the straightening process, the forces acting on the straightening rollers are distributed to achieve the best possible result.

The whole process of developing the straightening machine was divided into several phases. After the decision to start development, a new team was assembled to be in charge of the design and technology of the machine. In the role of the chief designer of the research team was Ing. Milan Fusko together with Ing. Petr Šmalec and many other specialists from various fields were involved. The design team focused on the design of the machine nodes, the hydraulic system for fixing the settings, and ergonomics and safety for the machine operator. It was also necessary to solve kinematic and dynamic problems and to calculate the loading forces that arise when straightening the pipes. Within the electrical part of the project, a complete networking of the machine and the design of inputs for other parts of the production line was carried out. Sensors and functional elements for controlling and positioning the nodes using actuators and pneumatic drives were installed. For the control function of the system, a schematic was created and programming was done into the PLC system. This ensured reliable and precise control and handling of the machine. As delivery times were expected to be very long, sufficient components for the production of the machine were secured by pre-purchase. This measure enabled the testing to start on time in April and the prototype tests to be carried out within the planned project completion date.

The entire process of development of the straightening machine was managed according to the internal regulations and guidelines of Prestar, s.r.o. The process was carefully planned and documented in a flow chart called “Flow Chart of the Product Design and Development Process”. This internal documentation ensured the correct organisation and management of the development and thus the achievement of the desired results. After many months of work, effort and cooperation of the whole team, here is the prototype of the automated ten-cylinder tube straightening machine. This machine represents an innovative step in tube straightening technology and provides a reliable and accurate process. Prestar prides itself on the engineers, technicians and designers involved in the development of this machine. Their expertise, experience and dedication have led to the creation of a high quality and efficient facility that meets the needs and requirements of the pipe manufacturing industry. Prestar’s tube straightening machine promises to increase efficiency and quality in industrial tube straightening. Thanks to careful development, testing and optimization, this machine offers a wide range of applications and brings added value to industrial production lines. Prestar is ready to offer this new straightening machine to customers and industry partners worldwide. With the new tube machine, a new era in tube manufacturing is opening up, where technology and design work together to achieve the best results.

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