We don’t hesitate in automation! The sorting conveyor stays in Moravia

26 Jan, 23 | Automation

Recently, we have developed an innovative Sorting Conveyor in our company using digital twins. This conveyor allows efficient sorting of products based on their size, shape, and weight.

The digital twin has been a key tool in the development of this conveyor. It enabled us to simulate various scenarios and optimize the design before we started manufacturing the actual machine. This saved us time and money as we could address issues before they became real.

Thanks to the digital twin, we were also able to optimize the speed and efficiency of the conveyor. By measuring and analyzing data from the digital twin, we identified weak points in the design and discovered areas for improvement. This allowed us to create a conveyor that is faster and more efficient than competing models.

Last but not least, the digital twin also enabled us to create a conveyor that is easily controllable and user-friendly. Through simulating different scenarios and optimizing the design, we could develop an intuitive control system that is easy to learn.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the results achieved using the digital twin. This tool allowed us to create an innovative and efficient Sorting Conveyor that brings significant benefits to our customers.

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