Let‘s streamline the future together!

Prestar is a guarantee of quality. We have been on the market for 30 years. We provide a complete service to the customer from the initial step until its final implementation.


We design customized solutions and make your production more efficient.

Pipes processing lines

We streamline the production process of pipes and tubes in your company.

Handling technology

We ensure safe and efficient handling in your company.


Did you know that right chosen automation minimizes costs and saves time? Thanks to our experience, Prestar is able to set up automation of your production process and thus help you to be more efficient.

Let‘s streamline the future together!

Machine for turning forms

Equipment for turning and pulling out of sand moulds up to 27 tons. It has replaced the customer’s existing equipmentand will increase the outputof the production process several times over.

Handling technology

Did you know that effective handling saves time and money, and in addition increases safety? Prestar supplies reliable equipment of the highest quality customized according to the customer’s needs.

Reliable and safe handling customized to you!

Telescopic tongs for sheet coils

Equipment for handling sheet coils or similar types of loads. For hanging on a crane hook,fully automated. Guaranteed top quality and long service life.

Pipes processing lines

Did you know that our lines make tube or bar production several times more efficient? Prestar supplies complete sophisticated equipment or sub-machines for specific tasks during the tube and bar manufacturing process.

We can make the production process of pipes and rods more efficient!

Outer diameter grinder

Automated descaling and surface defects for better appearance and functionality of the tubes. Equipped with safety grinding unit, cooling solution with coolant supply.

Prestar, s.r.o.

Clients have trusted us for more than 30 years

Prestar company equals quality. We provide a comprehensive service for the customer. From the initial contract negotiation thanks to experienced salespeople. From the design stage thanks to a stable team of experienced designers. Comprehensive production on site. Through assembly, where we test everything before handover. To the delivery of the goods to the customer, where we bring everything and put it into operation.

František Horák 

head director

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