External stationary pipe grinder



Description of the device

Larger diameter tubes require the outer surface to be sanded to remove scale, remove surface defects and to improve the appearance of the tubes. The pipe is loaded into the machine on driven radial rollers that are placed in a catch basin. A mobile grinding unit equipped with grinding belts is ready in the parking position next to the pipe. After start-up, the grinding unit cycles along the rotating tube and grinds the material with a constant supply of coolant. The machined material is rinsed into the tub and conveyed out of the tub by a worm shaft. Water with abraded material is filtered in three stages. Magnetic filter, fabric filter and mechanical separator. The solid residues are stored in an attached pallet and the filtered water is reused for grinding.

Technical parameters of the machine

Diameter of pipes:

200 – 600 mm

Pipe lengths:

3 000 – 16 000 mm

Material removal:

up to 0,5 mm in one cycle

Grinding belts:

150 x 3 000 mm

Pressure of grinding belts:


Tensioning of grinding belts:


Belt grinding speed

30 m/s

Replacement of grinding belts:

in the parking position of the grinding unit there is a platform for easy access to the sanding belts

Control panel with display:

placed on the mobile grinding unit

Other equipment of the machine

  • Continuously variable belt grinding speed control
  • Handling girder for inserting and removing pipes into and out of the machine.
  • Manual ultrasound tube wall thickness measurement.
  • Extended visualization with an emphasis on intuitive and detailed display of operating states and the place of failure of the grinder.
  • Enhanced service with the ability to display manuals, service guides and other necessary documentation on the machine HMI to minimize service times
  • Collection of agreed production parameters with automatic saving, display and data export.

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