Straightening machines


Description of the device

A fully automated 10-cylinder straightening machine is used for straightening pipes.

The straightening rollers are placed in a rigid frame that allows easy operator access to the rollers. 5 upper and 5 lower straightening rollers are automatically height and angle adjustable.

After adjustment, the position of the rollers is fixed by hydraulics.

Automatic central lubrication system for all bearings and straightening rollers. The machine has easy access to the electrical wiring from the rear of the straightening machine.

For the safety of the operator, the machine is equipped with safety guards and a sliding transparent cover.

Technical parameters of the machine

Diameter of straightened tubes:

from 10 to 60 mm

Length of straightened tubes:

from 2 m

Straightness of tubes after straightening:

0.20 to 0.50 mm/m depending on tube diameter, material and wall thickness

Straightening speed:

from 20 – 120 m/min

  • Conversion to a new tube size in 5 minutes
  • Depending on the tube diameter, wall thickness, and material quality the cylinders are automatically converted to the new dimension
  • The machine allows manual correction of the settings and storage of the settings in the „Recipes management“ menu
  • Machine control from the control panel.

Other equipment of the machine

Inlet VARIO trough:

    • Variable pipe clamping before entering the straightening machine
    • Variable pipe clamping before entering the straightening machine
    • Reduces the noise of pipe guidance during rotation
    • Allows clamping even extremely curved pipes at the inlet

Rotary tube carrier for straightening machine:

    • Gives rotation to the tube before it is introduced into the straightening machine
    • It is automatically adjustable according to the diameter of the tubes
    • Moves the tubes into the straightening machine according to the set speed

Ejection chute

    • Stops the pipe behind the straightening machine with an accuracy of up to 50 mm
    • Dumps the straightened pipe onto a table or into a pocket using a tyre
    • Protective safety cover for the straightening machine
  • Pressure measurement per cylinder
  • Pressure measurement per cylinder
  • Extraction from the straightening area during wet straightening

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