Packaging machines


Description of the device

The tubes and rods are automatically packed to the square or hexagonal shape. A bundle is automatically created based on the diameter of the tubes and required bundle size.

The formed bundle is automatically or manually strapped and moved into position for removal by crane.

The entire packaging and strapping process can be controlled automatically by a single operator from the control panel

Technical parameters of the machine


Profiles to bundle:

Tubes, bars, hexagonal, square and profile steel

Pipe diameters: 

6 – 120 mm

Lengths of tubes, rods:

3 – 18 m

Bundle size hexagon, square:

up to 600 mm

Bundle weight: 

to 6 000 kg

Control system:

Simatic S7

Inlet pipe cycle: 

from 5 sec/ pc

Output cycle:

Depending on the number of pieces in a bundle

Strapping cycle:

Approx. 60 sec per tape

Desk equipment:

Process display, production statistics, error messages, data transfer to company management

Automatic, semi automatic and manual mode

Other equipment of the machine

  • Separating the free bundle and feeding the tubes into the packaging machine of 1 pc each 
  • Equipping the machine with zip ties to create a circular bundle during manual strapping
  • Weighing a bundle on certified scales and printing a weighing ticket  
  • Automatic stoppering of pipes and closed profiles with transport plugs 
  • Marking of individual pipes and whole bundles based on customer requirements 
  • Backing of steel tape with paper tapes
  • Wrapping the entire bundle or ends of the bundle into stretch foil
  • Blowing through pipes to remove liquid, chips and dirt from the inner diameter
  • Extended visualization of machines with an emphasis on intuitive and detailed display of the operating states of the packaging machine
  • Extended diagnostics of the machine with an emphasis on displaying the place of occurrence of the fault on the layout scheme of the machine
  • Extended service with the possibility of displaying manuals, service manuals and other necessary documentation on machines in order to minimize service times 
  • Collection of agreed production parameters with automatic saving, display and data export.

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Packaging machines


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