Automatic textile scissors

Automatic textile scissors


Description of the device

Equipment for unwinding, cutting and storing fabric. It is designed for cutting textile material from rolls and placing the cuttings on the lifting scissor platform. The device is automatic, after the roll is loaded into the device, the type of roll and the desired length of the cut are selected and the device works automatically.

Technical parameters of the machine

  • Role parameters:
    • Width: 800 – 2000 mm
    • Roll diameter: up to 1 500 mm
  • Cutting of materials from 100 g/m2 to 2500 g/m2
  • Material thicknesses 0.5 mm to 35 mm

Other equipment of the machine

  • Touchpad control
  • Cutting into sections and placing on a pallet
  • Measuring the unwound fabric from the roll
  • Measurement of the fabric on the pallet
  • Inserting cutting recipes
  • Software calibration of cutting conditions
  • Export of data to superior in-house systems

The division system:

  • Disc cutter
  • Hydraulic scissors

Automatic manipulator for paper rolls

Automatic textile scissors

Machine for turning forms

The sorting system for EUR pallets

Automation pays off

79% of customers regret not making the decision to automate faster.