Folding tables

Pro správnou a vyváženou pozici břemene


Description of the device

Use when the load needs to be repositioned around a vertical or horizontal axis without the need for a crane.

Technical parameters of the machine

  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Rotation up to 180° around the vertical axis
  • Use for various types of loads in industry (sheet metal coils, injection moulds, press tools, etc.)
  • Turning the load in the same place or tipping it to another place

Other equipment of the machine

  • Rotation around the vertical axis up to 180°
  • Light signalization
  • Control from stationary panel or radio remote control
  • Load protection by seating surface linings
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Possibility of connection to roller conveyors
  • Digital scale for weighing loads
  • Possibility of sliding and rotating the bed
  • Support arms for load attachment

Handling technology

Telescopic tongs for sheet coils

Telescopic tongs for sheet plates

Telescopic tongs for press tool

Mechanical tongs

Hydraulic tongs

Tongs for slabs and billets

Folding tables

Mould opening and folding devices

Container spreaders




Automation pays off

79% of customers regret not making the decision to automate faster.