Mould opening

and folding devices

Pro zachycení a manipulaci s čímkoli


Description of the device

It is used for safe and simple disassembly of injection molds or pressing tools without the use of cranes. Tilting of disassembled parts of moulds into the horizontal position for service work on the mould.

Technical parameters of the machine

  • Mould weight up to 10 000 kg
  • Hydraulic drive for mold disconnection
  • Longitudinal feed of the mould up to the length of 2.5 m
  • Mould tilting by hydraulic drive
  • Mould clamping to folding arms using mechanical clamps

Other equipment of the machine

  • Rotation of the mould half part from 0° to 90° around the vertical axis using the electric engine
  • Mould clamping to folding arms by magnets
  • Light signalization
  • Control from stationary panel or radio remote control
  • Load protection by seating surface linings
  • Manual or automatic operation

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Mould opening and folding devices

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