Prestar has put into operation a device that no one else has ever manufactured!

22 Aug, 22 | Automation

Prestar company, s.r.o. has put into operation a unique device for rotating and extracting models from sand molds weighing up to 27 tons.

To learn more about this unique product, we spoke directly with Mr. Aleš Klapetek, the Director of Sales for the Western market at Prestar.

„At the end of 2018, we signed a contract with ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA, a.s. in Zlín for the supply of the mentioned device. The customer decided to replace a 40-year-old device that was no longer capable of flawless operation,“ describes Mr. Klapetek. „It is true that the customer approached multiple companies for this delivery, mainly abroad. However, other suppliers did not want to deviate from their standardized product lines and provide a device tailored precisely to the foundry’s requirements. Only our company offered this possibility, and that’s why we won the contract,“ adds the director.

The project was not without its challenges. „The deadline was also a critical aspect of this delivery. The customer allocated only two weeks during their summer plant-wide vacation at the end of July and beginning of August for the device to be put into operation on their premises. Therefore, we had the task of developing, manufacturing, testing, and removing the existing machine, and precisely on time, within the two-week plant-wide vacation period, deliver and commission a 35-ton device that we had never produced before.“

Even in such a complicated situation, the experienced team of Prestar employees successfully completed the project. As the customer himself stated during the final acceptance: „None of the employees believed that when they returned to work after the two-week vacation, they would see a new working machine.“ However, the Prestar employees dispelled these concerns with their perfectly executed work.

„The management of the foundry also expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with our delivery since the device operates in a line that cannot function without it, and the entire production of the foundry would be disrupted without it,“ proudly adds Aleš Klapetek, who has been working at Prestar for an incredible 25 years!

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