Innovative sheet metal coil handling equipment: introducing the heavy-duty folding table

21 Nov, 23 | Handling technology

The company Prestar, s.r.o. represents equipment designed for heavy steel plants. It is a folding table for folding coils of metal sheets with a load capacity of up to 22 tons from vertical to horizontal position or vice versa. This innovative equipment is the latest in a series of product orders that Prestar is supplying to the Slovak multinational company US Steel Košice a.s. As the steel coil production process involves the coils arriving for dispatch in a vertical position, the coils need to be folded into a horizontal position for transport by both truck and train.  

The advantage of the folding table is that the steel plate roll can be placed on both perpendicular seating plates in the vertical position as well as in the horizontal position. The seating surfaces of the table are adapted for this purpose.

The sheet metal roll is inserted into the table by means of a bridge crane. Therefore, the inertia of the load causes large impacts on the table seating surfaces. These shocks are absorbed by the sufficiently sized power blocks located on the table, which has a major impact on the reliability and durability of the table.

The table drive is electric, which has many advantages in terms of maintenance and operation over the hydraulic systems used for such equipment in the past.

The folding table is designed for dispatch operation and therefore the table is prepared for the installation of a commercial scale. In the future, it is envisaged that weighing information will be sent to the steelworks' information system for easy issue of dispatch documentation during dispatch. We also offer this digitization of operational data to our customers with this equipment.

This business order was brokered for US Steel Košice a.s. by Metas, s.r.o., which is the exclusive representative of our company Prestar on the Slovak market. This company plays a key role in providing after-sales services to our customers in this market, such as maintenance services, inspection of handling equipment, etc.

With this innovative technology, Prestar brings a reliable solution for the handling of steel coils, strengthening its position in the industry and confirming its long-term cooperation with major partners in this field.

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