Flying saw

Pro hladké dělení trubek

a tyčí


Description of the device

Flying saw is designed to cut pipes into precise lengths in a continuous motion called. endless pipes in a line. In the inlet, these are continuously welded pipes or pipes unwound from coils.

The flying saw is designed for tubes with a diameter of 6 – 90 mm of infinite length. The saw unit with the saw blade clamps the pipe at the saw inlet and drives the pipe at the same feed speed as the pipe feed. After a period of clamping, it cuts the pipe, releases the jaws and returns at high speed to the saw inlet.

They are always designed for a specific range of pipes according to customer requirements.

Technical parameters of the machine


Split diameters, profiles:

6 – 90 mm

Length after division:

3 –21 m

Feed speed of pipe, rod:

up to 2,0 m/sec

Cutting accuracy:

+- 1,5 mm

Control system:

Simatic S7 1500T

Hydraulic jaw clamping

Feed into the section by hydraulic cylinder or servo drive

Variable feed of the blade into the cut when cutting pipes

Automatic lubrication system

Safety covering with transparent glass

Other equipment of the machine

  • Unwinding device before entering the flying saw with speed control.
  • Pre levelling of pipes and rods after unwinding before cutting on a flying saw.
  • Continuous monitoring of defects and automatic carving of identified defects.
  • Storage of gifted tubes and bars in pockets according to different lengths.
  • Storing carved defects in a separate pocket.
  • Description and marking profile

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