Telescopic tongs for sheet coils

Pro hladkou manipulaci nejen s plechy


Description of the device

For use in the handling of sheet metal coils in manual and automated operations for hanging on a crane hook.

Technical parameters of the machine

  • Designed for large range and load weight
  • Electric drive to ensure correct gripping of the load or rotation around the vertical axis
  • Optical and acoustic signalling
  • Shoulder lining for load protection
  • Control from the crane or by radio control

Other equipment of the machine

  • Equipped with a turntable for rotation around the vertical axis
  • Detection of the correct hit on the roll
  • Digital scale for weighing loads
  • Optical definition of the workspace projected on the floor
  • Use of anti-radiation covers for high temperatures
  • Stand/service platform
  • Remote access via web interface

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